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Senior Cat Care at Flossmoor Animal Hospital


Senior Feline Care

Senior cat care is especially important for older cats because cats age much faster than humans; the equivalent human age for a 2 year old cat is 24 human years old. How do you know when cat is considered a senior cat? The answer is that there is no specific age at which a cat is considered a senior. Individual cats age at different rates. As a general guide, however, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has suggested the following age ranges:

Mature to middle-aged: 7 to 10 years
Senior: 11 to 14 years
Geriatric: 15+ years

As your cat ages, changes begin to take place in their bodies that can affect their overall health, well-being and comfort. Illness and injuries occur that can be more easily managed when detected early. Our goal is for you and your cat to enjoy the longest, healthiest life together.

Bi-Annual Exams are Recommended for Senior Cats

At Flossmoor Animal Hospital, we recommend a comprehensive exam at least every 6 months for your senior cat. Depending upon your cat’s health and age, we may also recommend routine annual blood profiles and a urinalysis to look for potential health concerns. Our senior cat wellness package is inclusive.

Cats are generally more private about their health issues, so you need to be watchful of your senior cat. Please call us if you notice any of the following signs to schedule an appointment to have your cat evaluated:

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